Corona Job Retention Scheme

by | Apr 19, 2020 | WBC Blog

Afternoon everyone,

Hope you are all still remaining sane! The weather has changed a little here which may deter some of us going out for the daily exercise but I believe the masses are actually getting used to home working/lockdown.

It’s been a week or two since my last update, a few things are now coming into the launch stage. In my local area of Wyre Forest, Worcestershire, the grants for rate payers have been issued. If you haven’t received yours yet, have a look on your local council website and follow the steps to chase up. Our council have been super proactive.

The government have now released the attached step guide to reclaim the wages for your employees that have been furloughed. The scheme will be open Monday 20th April, HMRC are also stating that payments will be refunded within six working days!

If you have an accountant or payroll firm that deal with your payroll and pension submissions then they can prepare the calculations on your behalf. I would still take a brief look over the attached as it gives you everything you need to know about the reclaiming process, it also outlines information required to prepare the claim so will be worth getting that in order.

There has been an important change to the CJRS guidance ( whereby employees that were on the payroll on or before 19th March may now be eligible, it does also state that an RTI submission notifying payment must have been sent to HMRC on or before this date so it may depend on your pay date whether eligible or not. Please liaise with your payroll provider to confirm this position as I’m not a payroll specialist and its important you get this right to avoid issues further down the line.

If anyone is unsure on any of this or you have some questions please let me know via email or get in touch.

All the best!


P.s. If you think I can help you during these trouble times, please get in touch.