COVID-19 – How does the situation make you feel?

by | Apr 14, 2020 | WBC Blog

Any business owner will understand the tireless effort it takes to get a business up and running, the past couple of months have been tough, but rewarding at the same time, then, we are hit with the terrible pandemic, that is, COVID-19 and things are turned upside down.

We are now three weeks into lockdown in our family and to say it’s been a challenge to adjust to the whole situation is a huge understatement. We’ve had a feeling of panic, frustration, confusion and sense that some days we’ve just muddled through.

I have consciously made time to be available to take calls from clients and carry out work tasks but, with any new venture time is of the essence and now the transition is slightly behind schedule. I know we can catch up for lost time when we come out of this. We are all in this together and it’s a matter of support and sustainability over growth.

With the weather being glorious and our children (both under 4) being at home full time, COVID-19 has brought some positive opportunities, the main being, spending quality time with the family.

However, prioritising family and work commitments has resulted in me neglecting my own health and mental wellbeing. I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘If you do not look after yourself, how can you look after those around you effectively?’ Having hit another milestone this week by launching our website, I thought it was time to get back into a more normal routine. First and foremost, start with getting back into fitness and listening to my regular go to podcast of James Smith PT.

The podcast was titled Mental Wellbeing During COVID-19 and can be found here

A lot of stuff he talks about resonates with me and probably many other listeners too. I have watched too much of the media and have spent too much time reading advice/comments of people who have no substance to their claims, and it can become quite overwhelming.

James’ podcast has encouraged me to raise further questions about how I’ve been coping through the pandemic and what solutions have I created to the problems I foresee for myself and others around me.
In my other blogs and the video I had with The Engagement Tree, I have mentioned that reviewing your current business processes and implementing improvements is key to enable you to then proactively plan ahead for when we are out of lockdown and beyond.

I would also like for you to deflect away from your business for a moment and channel some thought and time on the importance of your own mental wellbeing. Being cooped up can cause a negative impact on the mindset and will no doubt reduce productivity, although we may not realise it.

The government have allowed us to leave the house for one form of exercise per day, I have taken advantage of this today and its certainly lifted my spirits. Taking in the fresh air and if you’re fortunate to live close to a picturesque surrounding like us then I’d recommend getting out to alleviate some of life’s daily stresses even if it’s for just a short walk.

We are also utilising this time to have client conferences, calls and catch ups with friends and family over Zoom/Teams. Seeing people in this way still keeps us connected. With this in mind we have decided to hold our Wyre Talent meeting this month over video instead of cancelling it.

Wyre Talent is a growth and development forum that has a core focus on mental health for men in business, but we want to include women in this month’s meet as it’s a tough time for everyone. It would be great to see more than the normal faces on Thursday 16th April at 7pm on Zoom.

As always, look after yourself, be organised and prioritise appropriately but most of all be safe.

Best wishes,


P.s. If you think I can help you during these trouble times, please get in touch.